Perinatal mental health factsheets for professionals

COPE is committed to providing health professionals with high-quality information about perinatal mental health so that you can implement best practice when dealing with your patients. In this regard, we developed a series of information sheets and resources on perinatal mental health to assist you in your delivery of care to perinatal women and their families.

All information contained in these resources are underpinned by the 2017 National Guideline. You can download, print or email these to patients for free, but you are prohibited to sell them for a monetary profit or from using them as part of a commercial product.

Please click on a link to download an information sheet on the corresponding subject:

Perinatal Anxiety

Perinatal Depression

Postpartum Psychosis

Bipolar Disorder in the Perinatal Period

Borderline Personality Disorder in the Perinatal Period

Schizophrenia in the Perinatal Period

Resources for Consumers


To support you in providing women with high quality information, COPE has also developed a series of information sheets and resources for consumers. These are delineated into antenatal consumer resources and postnatal consumer resources in order to be most relevant to the consumer at the time she is reading it.

Ready to COPE

Ready to COPE is a free e-newsletter that provides women with timely, relevant information about their emotional and mental wellbeing throughout their pregnancy and first twelve months following the birth of their baby.

Ready to COPE makes it easier for you to help your patients be better prepared for and cope with the more difficult parts of their journey through pregnancy and early motherhood. By recommending to your patients that they sign up to Ready to COPE, you are providing them with continuous access to trustworthy, evidence-backed information that will help them understand and look after their mental and emotional health, feel less alone and get help if needed.

You can read more about Ready to COPE in this Ready to COPE factsheet for health professionals and also on our Ready to COPE resource page for health professionals.