Corporate objectives

The Goals of COPE are represented through our six corporate, strategic objectives.

  • Support and advise the NPDI: Through working with the CommCOPE Objectivesonwealth, states and territories and beyondblue to support the implementation of Australia’s National Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI).
  • Support best practice: Through the development and dissemination of free online and fully accredited training and resources for health professionals to ensure the implementation of best practice.
  • National data analytics: Through the development of innovative screening and data management systems, COPE is working to facilitate national data collection, to inform the outcomes of screening and advise policy and service delivery.
  • Community awareness: COPE works with others to raise awareness of emotional and mental health conditions through innovative campaigns and strategies. Importantly we also address the observed high rates of stigma that currently prevents disclosure and early help-seeking.
  • Integration with support services: COPE is committed to working with support services at a local, state or national level to respond to and support women and families in need.
  • Research and advocacy: Through working with world-leading experts, COPE will support the much-needed research required to build knowledge and bridge the gaps that currently exist in the provision of evidence-based screening and treatment practices.

Further detail on our goals, objectives and strategic direction can be found in our Prospectus.

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